Spěvák Wines


Moravian WHITE Cuvée 2018

-A cuvée of Chardonnay and Vesna  

Fresh palate with hints of lime. Fruity extract with a hint of residual sugar from ripened grapes
A perfect combination


 Moravian RED Cuvée 2018

-A cuvée of three very popular Moravian grapes: Cabernet Cortis, Merlot, Dornfelder -
On the palate, pronounced forest fruit with hints of chocolate. Aged in French Oak, beautifully balanced tannins and acidity
Great potential for aging


 Cabernet Cortis Rosé 2018

-Pressed from Cabernet Cortis 

On the nose, strong hints of forest raspberries 
On the palate, honey-like tones and a long-lasting finish
Great potential for aging

Blaufränkisch Rosé 2020

Medium bodied dry wine with medium acidity. 

Hints of sour cherries and all-spice carry beautifully from aromas into flavor.

A great refreshing rose wine with a potential for aging.

Limited batch size. 

Pinot Blanc 2020

Dry wine with high acidity and full body. 

Aromas of crushed almond with a hint of spice. 

On the palate, tropical and stone fruit work in harmony with fresh acidity leading into a lasting finish with a creamy undertone.

Limited batch size. 

Rivaner 2020

This is an attractive floral and fruity wine, off-dry wine with medium acidity extending into a long finish. 

It is layered with a harmonious aroma of citrusy and muscat-type spices which continues into the flavor as well. 

A very good natural and refreshing wine. 

Muscaris 2019

Made exclusively from sustainably grown grapes. A medium sweet wine reminiscent of Muscatelle for its muscatty and citrusy aromas. A powerful wine with multiple layers of flavors of candied tropical fruit and intense acidity which is balanced out by a residual sugar.

A very unique experience!

Cabernet Moravia 2011

Bred exclusively for the Moravian climate, this variety yields wines that are deeply colored and possess supple Cab undertones with well-structured tannins which carried this wine through 9 years aging on large oak.

A dry wine with a perfect combination of fresh wild berries with tertiary tones of dried plums, this wine bursts with fruity flavors that are typical for Moravian red wines.

Limited batch size. 

Muscadine 2019

Native to the Southern US, Muscadine is an off-dry wine packed with aromas and flavors of ripe pineapple and canary melon. This wine is a perfect harmony of fruity freshness with a touch of sweetness in the glass.

Hibernal 2018

Bred to further improve the popular Riesling, Hibernal is an emerging grape variety in Moravia. Off-dry juicy wine bursting with typical undertones of tropical fruit which translate into the same flavors and round up into an extended finish.

                                       Dornfelder 2016

This dark-skinned, German-bred grape variety is now the 2nd most grown black grape in the region. Dornfelder is a deep-colored dry wine made from late harvest grapes and rich in phenolic extract. Thanks to long aging in large oak barrels, this wine is characterized by velvety tones of ripened black cherries, wrapped in dark chocolate. 

Pinot Gris 2021

An attractive, off-dry wine made from late harvest grapes. Reminiscent of Alsatian Pinot expressions with attractive hints of ginger, nutmeg and honey; Balanced out by a refreshing acidity with a long finish.