She picks the wine, he makes sure it safely makes it to the US. Together they share their passion and appreciation of wine with the local community - one glass of a great Moravian wine at a time.

Wills International was founded as a passion project in the midst of the pandemic year 2020 by husband and wife Deon and Veronika Wills. Following a historic visit of Veronika's parents to Cape Cod, her father prepared the first Moravian trio of exquisite novel wines curated to the American palate. Many sleepless nights later, Deon and Veronika decided that the time had come to introduce novel Czech wines to America.


Since Veronika spent the first 23 years of her life learning the ropes of viticulture and viniculture at her family's wine estate in Moravia, Czech Republic, it was assumed that she would take on a permanent role there upon graduation from college. Instead, she decided to pursue a science path, settling in the US and growing her career within a global biotechnology company as a technical manager. Over the next decade, while raising their two daughters Kristy and Eli, she became a globally recognized and sought-after expert in her field, a public speaker, an educator and an ambassador for novel technologies. Yet, wine remained her favorite topic of discussion. Conversations would often lead to her recounting childhood memories of working in the vineyards and sharing her knowledge of wine. Every drop of wine has a story to tell - one of hard labor, science, expertise, art, and complete dedication by the maker. She loves how wine brings people together and makes them happy. After trotting the globe from far East to the West, trying many local wines and taking the WSET Level 3 course in wine, she realized that her family's wine is a hidden gem worth sharing with others. 


Born and raised in Louisiana, Deon brings the much-appreciated Southern charm to New England. As a Chemical and Beverage manager for a major food distributor, Deon understands what his customers need and how to get it to them as quickly and efficiently as possible. This comes very handy when moving product from one part of the world to another. With his level-headed approach, he can troubleshoot and resolve any issue at hand. Deon's artistic creativity and photography skills help visualize the culture, traditions and pride that are deeply rooted in Moravia and directly associated with Moravian wines. He found his interest in wine only after meeting Veronika's family for the first time, cautiously tasting many samples. Tried and tested, these sustainably produced wines receive his stamp of approval. Thanks to Deon's persistence, the company is on the path of expansion to include other high quality estate-produced novel wines in the Wills International portfolio.

Deon and Veronika: "Our goal is to help bring the local community together through the sharing of knowledge and appreciation for wine - one glass at a time." 

From the heart of Europe, to you...